What makes an SEO Hero

It doesn't matter if you run a small SEO Agency, if you provide Search Engine Consultation or market yourself as a SEO Expert. In the end your client want you to be their Hero. The SEO industry is filled with services that do not get the promised results or even do harm to a websites ranking future. An SEO Hero is someone who can provide a business with what they need most: More Targeted Clients. This means a true SEO HERO should not just be able to rank a site high in Google but understand what converts visitors into leads and eventually into clients. For a business it only makes sense if they can expect a return on investment and as SEO efforts do take time to solidify into rankings this can be very difficult to assess upfront.

The SEO HERO difference?


a Real SEO Hero does not just optimise for increased rankings, but increase visitor flow and website leads. Learn More

Proven SEO

Anyone can claim they ranked a website for a term. A real SEO Hero can proof they ranked websites for many terms. Learn how to proof your work. Learn More

SEO Automation

Spam bots are bad for results and bad for business. SEO has many repetitive tasks that can safely be automated. Learn More

SEO Budget

We believe SEO can be done for any budget. It all depends on size and strength of the SEO Competition. Learn More

Rank Order

Proof your SEO by ranking less competitive terms first. The work done for this will help rankings for the more competitive keywords in the long term. Learn More

Save SEO Practice

SEO should be done with long term in mind. This means that practices that are against Google Terms and Conditions will eventually be harmfull. We only use and teach Save SEO. Learn More

In-House SEO team

There really is no need to have overseas experts to grow your SEO Agency. We will help you set up a team making sure you are in full control. Learn More

Dedicated Project Manager

The key to keeping your SEO clients happy is good communication. Having a Dedicated SEO Hero for them to keep in touch with. Learn More

SEO mastermind

the SEO industry is constantly changing being part of an SEO mastermind helps you to stay on top of the game. Learn More

Become an SEO Hero to your Local business communality?